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If the solid black Valentino eyeglasses give an impression of harshness or dominance, it's not supposed to be that way. Valentino in black is simply austere and hard-working. It is strong, for sure, but the best eyewear must be.

The best eyewear must be a self-representation, or there is no point to wearing it. Do not think of black Valentino glasses as aloof and cold – think of them as endearing, knowledgeable, daringly optimistic while grounded in reality. Where Valentino eyewear really comes into its own, however, is the colours it can offer. Stunning pinks, shocking wooden tones. Lovely banana yellows, classy ivories and bones.


Check out the Valentino 5582 in yellow. Like a soft and chewy candy, except with a backbone, this jaune treat really hits the spot on a hot sunny day. With a tall mineral water and the sun overhead, nothing could be closer to the truth. In opal pink, it's exercise equipment meets a long commute. It's everything a busy life involves. It's ordering wine at a restaurant – filling out tax returns, taking the weekend off to spend with family – catching up on work the week after.

In red, it's simply throwing down the gauntlet. Do you want a contest? No? I didn't really think so. Don't be afraid to issue the challenge when the time is right. Don't be afraid to go with your gut, your instinct. Don't be afraid to go with Valentino eyewear.

Valentino glasses Australia

In pink dark grey, the Valentino 5525 is warm and relatable, but also calculating behind the scenes. It thrives on its own intuition, and then goes about setting its visions in motion. It is perfectly well mannered and polite, if you afford it the same courtesy. Otherwise, look out for the mean streak....

In red palladium, it's challenging onlookers to make the first move. It's sure of its position. It has a stable footing on the podium, and won't be wrestled off. It's a brave person who tries, that's all we know about this Valentino eyewear. It's a brave person who tries to shift it from its rightful place on the mountain top. If Valentino doesn't provide the crystal clarity you like, check out this penetrating collection of Mont Blanc frames. It is rumoured those who wear Mont Blanc can occasionally see right through people, but we wouldn't take it that far. What is for certain is it will be harder for others to sneak one past you. It's not that you can see right through them – it's that they can't see past you.