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Single-lens Glasses

For a sporty yet stylish all-in-one look, why not try single-lens glasses? If you thrive on originality and love to show off your unique style, start shopping for glasses with only one lens


It’s easy to follow the crowd and shop for typical styles of prescription glasses like rectangle or oval-shaped frames, but why fit in when you can stand out? Mono lens glasses are anything but boring and grab everyone's attention. 


Brands like Oakley have mastered the effortlessly cool single-lens glasses and are transforming the eyewear industry one pair at a time. 


Although mono lens glasses originate from sports, designer brands like Versace and Burberry are taking this style to the runway. The combination of sporty and high fashion will turn any boring outfit into a trendy style. 


What are single-lens glasses?

In contrast to the traditional style of two separate lenses, single-lens glasses have one glasses lens that covers both eyes. This style of prescription glasses is similar to the sunglasses that athletes use in sports such as cycling. 


The design of single-lens glasses allows the frames to be rimless or semi-rimless. The durability of one single lens gives designers the freedom to focus on making the glasses extremely lightweight and comfortable. 


Not only will you look sporty and active when you rock a pair of single-lens glasses, but you'll also be protecting your eyes. Due to the single-lens, these shield glasses can help block external elements, such as dust and debris, from harming your eyes. 


How to buy single-lens glasses?

Buying a pair of mono lens glasses has never been easier when you shop online at Vision Direct. We provide an exclusive 24-Month Warranty on all of our glasses to bring you peace of mind. 

Shop with confidence and use our Virtual Try-On tool to discover your next pair of single-lens glasses, so you can look your best no matter where you are.