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Looking for a way to protect yourself from all sorts of invisible airborne nasties and to prioritize your overall eye health? Look no further! You’ll be able to shop either sturdy, guarding safety goggles or the lightweight protective shield for additional protection in fast-paced environments. 


What are safety glasses used for?

The purpose of safety glasses is to protect the eyes from elements that can affect the eyes or health, such as dust, fumes, and airborne virus particles. They are great for those working in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, or labor industries. With people becoming more conscious and aware of the impacts of airborne viruses, safety glasses are great for those who work on the front line, such as health care workers.


What are the two main kinds of safety glasses?

The two main protective eyewear you can choose from online at Vision Direct are the face shield and the clear safety glasses (goggles). Both of these options are great for those who want total face protection, not your standard safety glasses, and for those who are looking for more secure, durable goggles for workplaces like laboratories, hospitals, and the labor industry, such as construction sites. It’s great to know that with a face shield or safety glasses, you’ll be able to wear your everyday prescription glasses underneath, turning your safety goggles into prescription safety glasses!


Can you wear safety glasses all day?

Overall, there is no research that states that wearing safety glasses can damage your vision or your eyes, however, to stop dry eyes or irritations, it is recommended to give your eyes a breather and to take safety glasses off every once in a while. This is also a reason why some workers prefer to use a face shield, however, both options are protective and it’s totally down to preference. 


Lastly, you’ll be able to shop for the most effective, durable, and comfortable safety glasses yet with the best price guaranteed, and will have the option of adding our zFORT® blue light protection to both the goggles and face shield! You won’t just be protected from external particles, but also protected from harmful blue light rays that are emitted from digital devices, reducing headaches, digital eye strain, and problems sleeping.