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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a bolt of lightning making its way across the sky? Hmm... it's not a surgical tool, and it's not a piece of laser equipment. It's not an object from the future (that we know of). It's futuristic, but current. It's stoic, but adaptable. It's not much, but it's everything.

    In glossy black, the Rudy Project MAYA is simple, if not necessarily clean cut. It has a technical look to it. It's classic, tasteful, and seems to belong in the future. It is visionary, and doesn't give pause for thought about its detractors. It is strong and quick, perhaps even inspired by the panther. If those are desirable attributes, then it looks like Rudy Project has it sorted out.

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    In crystal blue white, there's so much to talk about. So much to say. It's water, and it's ice. It's the sky, and the silt. It's the rushing river, and the rustic sedimentary rock forged many years ago, trapped by weight and pressure. It's brooding but expressive – trapped but oh so free. It's a yacht and an airliner, a zeppelin and an albatross. It moves however it feels, and does so gracefully. It's hard to pick the exact inspiration, but isn't it always when great design is the case in point?

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    In crystal orange white, it's almost like an alarm. So bright, so urgent. There are places to be, but it's no different to any other day. The focal point is so well established that there seems almost to be no lenses. With a strong view of the frame, and even the nose pads, one almost completely misses the lenses. The gorgeous, clear, stunning lenses which just hang with no sense of danger or trepidation. The ultimate in fog reduction, it will take a rainstorm to get this design all misted up.

    In crystal pink white, it would be fun if it weren't so totally functional. Normally pink injects some mischief, or a bit of fun. In this case, it only ramps up the complete and utter focused potential of these Rudy Project glasses. That is some seriously good viewing. Imagine what it feels like to wear.

    It goes without saying that Tag Heuer enters into this equation just as much as Rudy Project.. If you have a penchant for design that not only sees into the future, but extends into it as well, then go ahead and Buy Tag Heuer online.