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    Kids Glasses

    Special Considerations for Kids

    When it comes to buying kid’s glasses, it’s vital to get it right! If the glasses don’t feel good, a child probably won’t want to wear them. Face shape and size can change rapidly in growing children, as well as other factors such as pupil distance and bridge width. It’s likely then, that kids might actually outgrow their glasses before they break or lose them.

    Initially, it will be necessary to have your child’s vision examined with a face-to-face eye test in a brick and mortar store in order to correctly assess their needs. Vision Direct’s Partner Opticians are listed on the website, so you can find a practitioner in your area. Regular check-ups with the optometrist will also be required as children grow and change so rapidly. But once your child’s prescription is known, ordering your children’s glasses online is definitely a viable option. Why? Because not only are they all within a very reasonable price range but when you shop for kid’s glasses at Vision Direct, they come with free shipping, a 2-year warranty, a 100-day free returns policy, a best price guarantee and lenses are included in the price!

    And Vision Direct’s fantastic service doesn’t stop there. If your child’s prescription changes but their frames still fit and have some life left in them, you can simply avail yourself of the reglaze service offered online. Just send the existing pair of glasses in, along with the updated prescription details, and they’ll be sent back to you with the new lenses fitted. This service can also be used if lenses are scratched or need a new coating. Let’s be honest, is there a pair of kid’s glasses that doesn’t end up with scratched lenses?! Reglazing is surely a sensible option that’s good for the planet and good for your wallet.

    Choosing the right frame

    Vision Direct takes the stress out of choosing the right frame for your child. When you click on a frame, all the details are clearly listed, and this includes an indicative age range (which is somewhat equivalent to ‘size’). This is very useful to see when scrolling through the options, as there is little sense of scale. Depending on your child’s age, they may have fun using Vision Direct’s virtual try feature. This allows them to take a selfie using the unique capabilities of the website, and to ‘try on’ different frames in various colours and styles. What better way to see if they prefer seeing themselves in a pair of cat-eye or semi-rimless frames! The virtual try feature shows a front view as well as side profile views, and will even tell you what face shape you have and which frame shape would best suit. Be aware though, there is certainly more to choosing a frame than fashion considerations alone. For instance, your child might love the look of semi-rimless glasses, but will this frame type offer enough durability and lens protection? For some children, the answer will be yes, but for your average rough & tumble kid, a full rim frame is likely to be a more sensible long term choice.

    At such great prices, why not order your child a pair of prescription sunglasses too? Ray-Ban junior does a really cute range of aviator style sunnies, and Oakley offers a youth fit in their sunglasses range. But really, any frame can become a pair of prescription sunglasses by simply adding a tinted, polarised or mirrored finish to your lenses during the ordering process. Every little fisherman needs a pair of polarised sunglasses, and it’s never been easier to buy them a pair that fits their needs.

    The added challenge when buying kid’s glasses is to find something durable and hard-wearing that can handle the rigours of rambunctious play, dirt and sports. Vision Direct has addressed this issue with features such as spring hinges and tough acetate frames. Acetate is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and comes in a vast array of colours. This, combined with the extended 2-year warranty, means you can shop with confidence for your child’s next pair of glasses. And with packages starting at just $42 (and let’s not forget the convenience of AfterPay), you can afford to order a spare pair too! A good option may be to have a pair of prescription eyeglasses for learning/school, with added features such as thinner lenses and blue light filtering by adding zFORT ™ blue light block during the checkout. Then a more inexpensive basic set of glasses, such as the Christian frame in the SmartBuy collection, that could be used as a backup pair when needed.

    Choosing the right lens

    Did you know there is a whole range of different lens types? Getting the lens type right, particularly the thinness and weight, is vital for kid’s eyeglasses. If lenses are too thick and heavy, they cause frames to slip forward on the nose and put pressure behind the ears. This kind of irritation makes wearing glasses unpleasant, especially for youngsters. All the lenses offered by Vision Direct are either made of CR39, Polycarbonate or High Index plastic material. Additionally, all prescription lenses are impact resistant for optimal eye protection, come with free scratch resistant coating, free anti-glare coating and a 24-month warranty. Just the peace of mind you need when you’re shopping for kid’s glasses!

    So, all of that comes standard with Vision Direct orders, but you also have some optional extras to choose from if you wish. It might be worth considering a blue light filter for your child’s lenses in order to minimise the harmful effect of blue light emitted from device screens. Blue light filtering has been reported to significantly reduce eye strain, cut glare and improve sleep and is likely to be a worthy upgrade to your child’s eyeglasses. Or perhaps a transition lens might be preferred by your older child, offering the ideal combination of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Certainly for youngsters, this is a more cost effective option than a pair of Gucci sunglasses!

    Invest in your child’s wellbeing and make a social impact

    Vision Direct offers premium products within an affordable price range (and don’t forget you can lodge a rebate claim with most major health funds within Australia). This makes investing in your child’s eye health through Vision Direct an absolute no-brainer. But did you know that by doing so, you’re also having a broader impact? Partnerships with organisations such as Unite for Sight, Orbis International and Eden Projects have allowed some of the poorest communities to have access to vital eye care and prescription eyewear. So far, over $1Million worth of eyewear (retail value) has been donated to visually impaired individuals in developing countries, giving them the precious gift of sight.

    Just another great reason to make Vision Direct your go-to for buying kid’s glasses online.

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