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Clear Glasses

Clear glasses have been the biggest hit this season, and have been voted as of the most stylish frames yet. Clear glasses have got a lot of people talking, and for good reasons! They have been the first pair of glasses in some time that have been the topic of conversation for the fashion and eyewear industry, and even non glasses-wearers have had to get in on the clear glasses frames trend bandwagon, and wear them despite never wearing glasses of any colour before!


If you’re trying to figure out which frames are the most craved within the fashion industry, then you have everything you need here! You’ll see a diverse range of clear glasses to choose from, with the most chic and desired frame shapes, colours, and sizes! It’s all right here. 



Clear glasses and blue light

By now, you have all likely heard of blue light and its harmful effects to the eyes. What’s blue light? Blue light is a potentially harmful, high energy visible light that naturally comes from the sun but is also emitted from digital devices. Consistent exposure to blue light at a close distance like when using electrical devices can cause several eye and health problems. If you are concerned with your eye health, which you should be, then you should know how to protect them!


Studies have said that blue light can potentially cause digital eye strain which can cause harm to the eyes also on a long-term basis, as well as being a big contributor to lack of sleep, headaches, irritated, and strained eyes, and much more. The blue light studies are still in their early days, and we don’t fully know what the other harmful effects could be…


For this exact reason, VisionDirect has their ingenious blue light blocking in place called zFORT®. zFORT® naturally works to protect the eyes from harmful blue light rays, optimizing your eye health as well as general well being due to the other harmful effects blue light rays potentially cause. 


All of our glasses at VisionDirect, as well as our clear glasses, come with zFORT® technology. This ingenious idea allows everyone to look good as well as prioritising eyecare…Neither should be compromised! 


To get zFORT® with your perfect transparent frames, all you need to do is add zFORT® to your glasses during checkout and proceed with your payment! It’s as simple as that! Blue light glasses are an absolute must-have!


Shop here for the best clear glasses!

You now know everything you need to know, in order to find the perfect clear glasses as well as prioritising your eye health and staying protected! 


Here at VisionDirect, we offer the advanced Virtual Try-On-Tool which will enable you to try on endless frames and shop until you drop! All of this fun at the comfort of your own home, with no ques, no fuss, no hassle. 


To know what frame shape is perfect for you and to optimize your shopping experience, check out our informative and creative face shape guide to see which frames suit your face the best. Your perfect pair is waiting for you!

Clear Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

You bet they look good! As mentioned, clear glasses have been voted the most stylish frames yet and have made a huge impact within fashion. At first, they were seen as a bold statement frame, and whoever dared to wear them was envied for looking so diverse and unique. Now, clear glasses have become so irresistible that even non-glasses wearers have demanded they become a fashion piece and not just made for those who need prescription glasses


The clear glasses frames trend is a movement that won’t be phasing out anytime soon, in fact, eyewear and fashion industries strongly believe that clear glasses have made such a great impact over other frames, that they will remain their prestigious and fashionable status for a strong period of time for both men, women and kids, making them almost impossible to compete with!

We love clear glasses, men and women do too! When it comes to the hottest trends, clear glasses are at the top of the catwalk and have boomed within the fashion industry! These frames are being consistently seen on fashion role models and celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and many others. 


Clear glasses are most wanted as they are frames that can quite literally be worn for any occasion and are best known as the universal frames. A clear glasses frame will be the cherry on top of the cake if you have a statement outfit on, or equally, if you are a lover of the minimal look, clear glasses will do the talking for you and your outfit, and will transform into the main fashion piece of your getup! 


Nowadays, universal and more delicate glasses are highly requested because the transparent and minimal but sophisticated frames tailor to every face shape, skin complexion, skin tone, age and personality. This is due to the delicacy of the frame and the clear shade, as the transparentness instantly morphs to your skin complexion, meaning you don’t have to worry about the clear glasses frame appearing too harsh or heavy for your face or to your outfits. 


With clear glasses frames being so universal, you are able to wear them in any season, with any outfit style or clothing colour. Even the brightest pinks and yellows will go with clear frame glasses! They are also renowned as the most convenient frames yet- as they instantly adapt to you.