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    Blue Light Glasses



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    Blue Light Glasses

    Blue Light Glasses

    Blue light glasses have been specially designed to filter out the blue light emitted by electronic devices like your computer screen and the screens of your television and other digital devices. Blue light has been clinically shown to disrupt the natural human circadian rhythm, affecting your ability to fall asleep and the sleep quality that you eventually do get. Limiting your exposure to blue light devices can help to reduce symptoms like eye strain and sleep disruption. Blue light glasses have been specially created to also assist with filtering out the effects of blue light that you can’t avoid.

    Vision Direct is the online super store in Australia offering customers access to a massive range of designer and popular brand glasses. We specialise in prescription glasses, sunglasses and kids glasses, offering a wide range of women’s glasses and men’s glasses available with a blue light filter designed to assist with digital eye strain. Not only do we offer you the best brands and designers including Gucci and Versace, we also guarantee you the best possible price and offer Afterpay at checkout. Using Afterpay means that you can purchase the blue light glasses with your eye prescription in the frames that you love the most and can take your time to comfortably pay them off over four fortnights.

    Choosing your next pair of blue light blocking glasses online is now even easier with our virtual try on tool called our ‘Selfie View’. If you have fallen in love with a pair from our blue light glasses Australia range, but you’re not sure exactly how they’re going to look then there’s no need to step into your local optometrist’s shop. Instead, upload your very own selfie to our website and we’ll overlay your chosen frames, including women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses , over your selfie. You can see exactly what your new pair of glasses would like on your face and fall in love with them even more. If you do happen to select a frame or colour for your regular glasses or polarised sunglasses that doesn’t work after all, take advantage of our free returns. For more information about how to purchase our range of blue light lenses online, check out our FAQs.


    What are blue light glasses?

    Experiencing tired eyes and digital eye strain has been a growing concern for individuals over recent years. To combat the symptoms of digital eye strain, there have been a range of different inventions including a blue light filtering screen designed for computer screens and other digital screens that we stare at a lot. These screens have evolved over time, getting better and better at filtering out artificial blue light, and now the special coating on these screens has become available for regular eyewear. Anti blue light glasses are regular glasses like reading glasses with the added protection of a filter which reduces blue light from screens that we look at for long periods of time, but which don’t feel any different to regular eyeglasses.


    Do blue light glasses actually work?

    We know that artificial blue light can be harmful blue light that affects our brain’s natural sleeping rhythms, interfering with our brain’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that is automatically created in response to darkness. It’s usually at night-time that we put in a lot of screen time, turning to applications like Netflix to watch our favourite shows and surfing our favourite social media platforms before we head off to bed. That blue light from screens that we’re either watching or surfing the internet on reduces the darkness that we’re naturally exposed to when the sun goes down and so slows down our body’s ability to produce natural levels of melatonin which send us off into a restful and natural sleep cycle. The purpose of blue light filter glasses is both to protect your eyes as well as to block the blue light spectrum which affects the body’s natural wind down process the hours before we head to bed, helping us to sleep better of a night, particularly drift off to sleep more quickly and more comfortably. People who work a lot using computer screens might also refer to blue light glasses as computer glasses where it’s believed that the anti-glare coating helps to reduce eye strain after long periods of exposure to electronic screens.


    There is research available which suggests that the common types of eye strain experienced by people who use a computer screen for long periods of time are in fact suffering from dry eyes syndrome and not only the effects of blue light exposure. When we use computer screens, we naturally blink less than at any other time and failing to regularly moisten our eyes can contribute to the commonly reported symptoms of eye fatigue, redness and soreness. Couple that with the reduced levels of natural melatonin that we use to naturally wind down of an evening to head off into long and restful sleep and the combination can be a very tiring and uncomfortable experience. Choosing blue light glasses can help you to process long exposure to artificial light more comfortably, helping you to find better sleep, as well as fall asleep when you want to.


    The great news is that our range of glasses, selected from the most popular brands and designers from both here at home in Australia as well as the rest of the world including Dragon and Ralph Lauren, are available with a filter that blocks blue light and reduces the effects that we’ve been describing. You can choose our selection of frames for your prescription with a filter directly on the lenses that reduces the effects of artificial light. You wear your blue light glasses as you would any other regular glasses, the filter barely detectable to the naked eye. It doesn’t tint your lenses either.


    So, now that you’ve decided that blue light glasses could be the answer to managing your exposure to blue light and help you get off to sleep more comfortably of a night, how to choose the perfect pair of new glasses?


    When it comes to choosing a glasses frame, regardless of the type of glasses that you’re looking to buy, the general consensus is to choose a type of frame that is completely different to the face shape that you have. For example, if you have a broad face then you should consider more angular frames. A broad, or round face, is usually characterised by measuring the widest part of your face. If that’s at your cheeks, then you have a round face and frames from designers like Persol and Oakley could be more for you. These types of frames tend to be heavy, rectangular shapes which work to balance out the broadest areas of the face and sit proportionately. If you have a fairer skin tone or hair tone, then consider lighter coloured frames like tortoiseshell and grey or brown lenses for sunglasses.


    For anyone with a triangular face shape – where the broadest part of your face is at your forehead and your chin tapers into a point – you can also benefit from a rectangular shaped frame. If you have fine features, then it’s generally a good idea to choose a smaller lens type. These types of lenses can be treated with the anti-glare coating and made into blue light glasses. If you have broader features, then opt for a large lens size commonly found in designs made by top brands like Prada and Ray-Ban.


    Our virtual try on tools are known as the ‘Selfie View’. Using this tool allows you to upload a selfie of your own face to our website where you can check exactly what you look like wearing any of the styles of blue light glasses that you’re particularly attracted to. Design rules for choosing your next pair of glasses – or, indeed, your very first pair of glasses! – are guidelines only. It’s not an exact science and it’s completely subjective. So, if you have a face shape that we’ve described but you’re not a fan of the styles that we’ve suggested, use our virtual try on tools and discover for yourself exactly what kind of frame you like the most.


    Usually, when you’re shopping for a pair of glasses, you’d have to take someone along who can help you decide on which styles suit the most or, sometimes, just to give you the least fuzzy view. After all, if you’re in the market for corrective lenses to improve your eyesight then trying on the demo frames at your local store isn’t going to be the best way to really see which style suits you. You’re unlikely to get a good look at your reflection when it’s blurry. Using our virtual try on tools eliminates the need for relying on friends and family or trying to make out your reflection in the store.


    Shop from the comfort of your own home and buy your blue light glasses online from Vision Direct.

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