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Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses were originally designed to protect the eyes of military pilots while flying. The glasses were intended to be worn under headgear and featured steel, titanium, or monel frames. Their design was focused on stability and durability, firmly keeping the glasses in place during high-impact activity. As time passed and fashion became one of the economy's biggest drivers, the original Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses became the most iconic and original sunglasses worn by prestigious A-lister celebrities around the world. Since the 1930’s, Aviator glasses frames and sunglasses have been a remarkable hit, and even more so now with their futuristic and modern styles. 


Retro is now. If you’re looking for the elite day one original Aviator glasses by Ray-Ban, then you’ll be able to find the most in-season collections available at Vision Direct.

Aviator Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

The unique style that no other shape can come close to, makes the Aviator glasses one of the world's most favorite glasses to date. The Aviator glasses are a day one, one of a kind. Their classy and classic distinctive design is instantly recognized and associated with the prestigious eyewear brand, Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban Aviator glasses have been inspired by the original Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. This frame style is adored by A-lister celebrities all over the world who can’t seem to get enough! This is one of the reasons why the Ray-Ban Aviator glasses are so in demand to this day. With a click of a button, you’ll be able to find stylish VIPs rocking the aviator glasses for their everyday look. 


Fashion is evolving, and so is style. The classic Aviator glasses are one of the most legendary designs within the whole fashion industry. Aviator glasses are made to get any fashion lover out of their comfort zone, as well as instantly transforming all minimal clothes into a swanky, diverse and striking outfit.

Wondering whether your face will be a good fit for the Aviator glasses? The Aviators are such a popular fashion piece that will tease those around you, grabbing the attention of everyone out there. Aviator glasses are known for enhancing the jawline and cheekbones and they best suit oval face shapes. Though, do not fall into despair if you‘re a proud holder of a more round or heart-shaped face: as a statement piece, the right lens size, depth, and colour of Ray-Ban Aviator glasses will likely fit and complement every face shape when paired with appropriate styles and outfits. 


What face shape are you? If you’re curious to find out what your personal shape is, all you have to do is check out the ingenious Vision Direct face-shape guide where you’ll have your answer within minutes, then you can start your Aviator glasses hunt with confidence!

Unlike the rest of the accessories, such as watches or jewellery, Aviator glasses are not your average gendered fashion piece. The individual Aviator shapes and tones are more than enough to make any piece perfectly suit the face of women and men, thanks to the different lengths of the nose bridges and frame sizes. You’ll be able to find an array of some of the most luxurious Ray-Ban Aviator glasses; some of the most classical, original, yet bold styles which we will now list below.


Each outfit calls for a particular style. One of the models happy customers particularly like is the semi-rimless Ray-Ban Aviator glasses. These frames stand out for several reasons. Firstly, their rimless frame comes with a lighter, smart-looking, and fine appeal. Secondly, the less materials used make these Aviator glasses more comfortable for everyday use, making them appear less impactful on the face and adding a touch of glamour with their classy gold aura which portrays all the ‘rich vibes’. Moreover, a lighter, less visible frame is less likely to cover the features of your face, accenting your natural beauty and facial features. This effect is also helped by the golden colouring which will give your style a brighter and shiny touch, lighting up your face with that classy hint that only gold can give. 


As well as buying with non-prescription, you’ll be able to purchase all Aviator glasses as Aviator prescription glasses. If you want to purchase as soon as possible but need a reminder of your prescription, then head over to the wizardly Lens Scanner to find your Rx details in a matter of minutes! 


Want some quick Aviator glasses fashion tips? Indeed these frames are the cherry on the cake for casual wear (i.e. chinos, button-down oxford, blazer, and any other combo with a casual flair) and for most business outfits ranging from smart casual to business professional. For anything more formal such as business formal or tux, we would recommend going for a more elegant, classic solution. As Aviator glasses instantly transform into the statement piece of any outfit, they can be dressed up or dressed down. All frames within the Aviator glasses ‘women's collection’ are also all listed as unisex frames, meaning they’re ready to rock any outfit. All of the universal Aviator glasses vibe extremely well with neutral-toned outfits such as oversized white tees and a pair of baby blue denims where indeed less will become more in an instant. 

If you’ve enjoyed learning all things about Aviator glasses and you’d like to try a pair before you buy, you’ll be able to try on endless frames with the advanced in technology Virtual Try-On tool with no queues, no fuss, no pressure and all from the comfort of your own home. Get shopping with free shipping and the best price guaranteed! Which pair of Aviator frames will tempt you the most?