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Sting Glasses

It's so refreshing to see a fresh, vibrant, and quenching range of eyewear such as Sting. Leading the market by example, Sting eyewear grabs hold with both firm blacks and frothy colours, fizzing over into the next dimension of risk and excitement. Some of these designs are a likely to divide opinions, but what good is an ancient art like design if it can't provoke some good discussions?

Sting glasses 2013

2013 Sting is so exciting it almost hurts. The Sting VSJ572 in transparent opaline orange is a screaming good time. A slumber party here, toasted marshmallows there, innocent exploration here there and everywhere. Adults have been known to get jealous that this is just for kids, but Sting eyewear has something for everyone.

In shiny acid green, the Sting for kids VSJ573 is exciting and fun and sends a sour note to the tongue. Not in a bad way – in a way that piques interest and leaves a fruitful curiosity at the forefront of the mind. If glasses could talk, Sting glasses would sing. They would sing of tough times and tragedy, but also about the rise back to the top. They've seen it all.

Sting eyewear

In grey and white, the 2010 Sting VS4677 is classy but knowledgeable, able to hedge bets of the cost of it all. The wise shape of the frames is reflected in the colour palate's restraint. Not to name names, but Sting is a major player yet to find fame.

In black transparent orange, the Sting VS6330 is a tiger still finding its true power. Either a man tiger, or a lady tiger – sting doesn't dare presume. What's exciting about these glasses is the sheer audacity of putting black up against orange. Such a pungent contrast is sure to seem like a red rag to a bull. Those who are apt to pounce may well pounce. But that's not your concern. Que sera sera – there's work to be done.

The Sting VS6470 in shiny black comes with a bit of a treat. It comes with red temples, too, so you can mood match. Ever been in such a funk only black will do? Ever been flying so high only red can keep up? Boom – we've got you sorted.

When it comes to colours, our LaFont collection just can't be beat for intensity and temperature. We find them to gleam in the sunlight and tickle every sense just by shining.