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Spy Glasses

These eyeglasses are made for adventure enthusiasts. These impeccable spy vision glasses are exemplary choices to engineer you for anything ahead.

SPY Vision Glasses

SYE Optics is an independent Southern California-based eyewear brand. Founded in 1994, SPY Optics was rooted in the outdoor sports community and until today, this unconventional eyewear brand is strongly inspired by the lifestyles around sports enthusiasts.

SPY Optics represents the dedication to innovation, quality and utility. The trademarked "Happy Lens" name comes from independent studies which have shown that long-wave blue light positively affects a person's mood and alertness. SPY Optics' Happy Lens technology is the first and the only in the market harnessing benefits of long-wave blue light and protecting your eyes from short-wave blue light at the same time.

SPY wear glasses are bold and outstanding with contemporary rectangles designs. The iconic SPY name and logo stay on the temple arms of each side. Each frame is the combination of sporty and trendy as well as durability and performance.

Rooted with outdoor enthusiasts community, SPY Optics glasses are tested by extreme and high-test athletes. SPY vision glasses are a combo of sporty and trendy, which will suit you in both daily office and outdoor events. Coming up with unconventional designs, SPY optics rugged-frame wear-glasses bring an energetic look to not only you but spread that vibe to your surrounding environment.

Focusing on this therapeutic technology for their Spy glasses has made the brand one of the top picks when it comes to comfort. Feel independent and have the freedom to pursue whatever you want with the Spy eyewear collection. Happiness is guaranteed with a pair of therapeutic Spy Glasses.

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With VisonDirect, there's no need to find a physical SPY Optics store, you can buy SPY vision glasses online where we offer a price match guarantee, a 24-month guarantee, and FREE shipping.

You can shop your favourite pairs of SPY Optics glasses at your comfort home. VisionDirect's SPY Optics collection offers a beautifully wide range of selections to both men and women. With VisionDirect's virtual try-on technology, enjoy your freedom to try any pairs of SPY Optics glasses. Need some suggestions to start with? Our top-selling models are Spy BRADEN, Spy DRAKE SRX00083, and Spy JUSTICE Matte Black