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Spy Glasses

Spy is an American brand that was founded in 1994. Their brand embodies everything about California culture such as surfing and skateboarding by laundering eyewear that enhances these experiences. Their patented Happy Lens technology is used in all their eyeglasses. These lenses not only enhance the visual experience but also boost mood and alertness. You can browse through and buy from the latest Spy glasses range at Vision Direct. You can also get your glasses fitted with prescription and specialized lenses and get your custom glasses delivered to you in no time. 

Spy Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Spy eyeglasses stand out due to their innovative technology, durable construction, stylish designs, and commitment to sustainability. With advanced features like the Happy Lens™, which enhances color and contrast while blocking harmful UV rays, Spy eyeglasses offer both performance and protection. Their eyewear is built using high-quality materials like Grilamid with impact-resistant lenses that help it withstand the demands of outdoor activities. Spy collaborates with professional athletes to ensure that their eyewear meets their needs. Additionally, the brand's focus on sustainability, with initiatives such as incorporating eco-friendly materials and production processes, appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers. 

Spy glasses are made of impact resistant lenses that enhance visual clarity and protection. These eyeglasses are the best pick for people who are athletes or those who have active lifestyles. You can choose your prescription and specialized lenses for your Spy glasses at Vision Direct to make sure you maintain a crystal clear vision. 

Spy’s eyewear collection includes rectangular, top flattened glasses that give the wearer confidence and timeless elegance. Most of these glasses are black in color and have chunky rims that showcase the modern style.