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Police Glasses

Police Eyewear is a product of revolution and innovation. Each Police Eyeglasses are equipped with simple designs and details to make them a perfect pair for your everyday activities. Each Police frames are made from strong materials so you can use them for years.

Police eyeglasses are as authoritative as they are playful and charming. What results is a great power, with no perception of malevolence. That sums Police eyewear up. Able, but not threatening – adept, but not menacing. Everyone has the chance to make themselves over and be a more persuasive, more approachable, or more dependable person. Welcome. The process starts here.

Police glasses Australia

The 8371 in blue is a stern gunmetal treat. With striped arms that say my time is valuable, but concentrated rims that say you're on the clock, you are just a professional doing a job, but one day you'll be the best in the world at it. In brown it's a little more fluffy, a little bit more architectural. In brown, it's almost like a creamy milk chocolate fusion.

The 1697 in “mais shiny light hom” is a buttercup lemon twist, or a passionfruit sorbet. It's a mango cheesecake, or a butterscotch toffee. Every day is the longest day of the year when you have these glasses, but that's good because you prefer it that way. It's a ride on a friendly lightning bolt, and it comes Rx compatible.

In blue havana it's a discordant treat. It's a clash of ideologies, it's a battle of wits, it's a way to stay grounded. It's a reminder that there's always a bigger fish, and it's the inspiration to grow into that bigger fish.

Police designer eyewear

The 1677 in coral is a like getting bowled over by a firetruck. It's like a helping hand from above, a visit from a guiding spirit, a spotlight suddenly illuminating the truth. There's a real life to these Police frames, one that can't be manufactured by trial and error, and one that can't be stumbled on. The only way to get at design this powerful is to know exactly where to find it, and how to carve it out of what's available.

If, for whatever reason, Spy doesn't tickle your fancy, that's just an opportunity to keep looking. What we can offer is a nice range of Polaroid prescription glasses, whose philosophy is based around providing essential things to good people at fair prices. As the makers of polarization technology, not only do they use it liberally on their products, they offset the retail price accordingly! Not every company has an ethos which bends that way.
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