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Ferrari Scuderia Glasses

You may be familiar with the classic thrill and speedy excitement usually associated with the Ferrari brand. You may have sat in the hot seat yourself, as one of the luxury automobiles roared. But what a lot of people don't know is that Ferrari doesn't just make cars – the brand is also in active use as an eyewear label, imparting the same sense of demanding and exacting luxury. The best feeling in the world is working hard to achieve a result, and Ferrari could be said to be its embodiment.

Ferrari Glasses Online

The Ferrari FR 5016 in blue has a regal tinge to it – it's important without being pompous. It's work before play... but playtime is always a lot of fun. With strong temples, it creates a strong focal point, and sends an equally strong message. Life is full of mistakes to make, and lessons to learn. The secret isn't to be great from the start. The secret is to admit your mistakes, learn your lessons, and grow up to achieve greatness. When that all-important finish line comes around the corner, it's a stone heart that doesn't accelerate.

Ferrari Frames

The Ferrari FR 5010 is a mysterious little number. With rounded curves and a consistent rim, it sends a message not only of consistent energy, but renewable zest. In natural semi-vibrant tones, it preaches carefree fun and a willingness to practice disciplined austerity at the same time. That is, it knows the importance of letting loose and being a creatively free practitioner, but also knows the value of knuckling down and putting its shoulder to the wheel. But that's just Ferrari eyewear all over, isn't it? Creative freedom, technical ingenuity, and pure old fashioned hard work – all rolled into one.

Etro glasses invoke a similar sense of mystery. Using forceful colours and pleasant shapes is only the beginning for this label, whose luxury eyewear looks like the inside of a catalogue maybe 20 years into the future. Exte's rectangular models seem to follow some golden proportionality ratio, so that no matter what the output, the result is superb. Whether or not Exte glasses are possessed of some supernatural secret, we will never know. All we can know is that are are truly beautiful.