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Fendi Glasses

The start of Fendi dates back to 1925 when it was a mere leather goods shop. Through their hard work and dedication, the brand has evolved into a prestigious name in the fashion world. The brand launched its eyewear in the 1980s, becoming well-known for its excellent quality and innovative designs. Over the years, their eyeglass variety has grown with the trends, becoming hugely popular among fashion icons.


Is Fendi a good brand for sunglasses?


Yes, Fendi sunglasses are widely recognized as some of the best high-end sunglasses available in the market. They even offer some of the best clear-lens frames for prescription lenses. Their glasses exhibit luxurious Italian designs combined with superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials. A lot of their eyewear has been the trendsetter of its genre, credit to the unique designs and build.


Are there any specific design elements or features that are unique to Fendi glasses?


Whether you see them in person or online, Fendi glasses are instantly recognizable by their distinct features. The most obvious one is their logo placement. They place their infamous FF logo as a subtle embossing or engraving at the temple arms or they go all out and place it as an embellishment on the hinges. Embellishments are frequently seen in Fendi glasses in other forms too! Such as colourful crystals or studs. Their frames are also known for their use of unique heritage-inspired and vibrant patterns.


What are the most popular shapes of Fendi eyeglass frames?


While a lot of Fendi frames are popular, the geometric, rectangular, cat-eye and oval ones are what people wear the most. All of their frames are designed with contemporary elegance along with the use of bold accents and striking patterns.