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Titanium Cazal Glasses


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Titanium Cazal Glasses

Cazal eyewear is the epitome of uniqueness. The Cazal eyeglasses feature the iconic oversized construction that revolutionized the industry. Each Cazal frames are carefully crafted from the finest materials to make them long-lasting.

CAZAL eyewear are the antithesis of conservative style. They are bold, they are iconic, and they give a little something extra. Starting in the 80’s as a luxury brand, the oversized, square shape and brash gold rims revolutionized the hip hop scene. It was an Austrian designer; Cari Zalloni, based in Germany, who created CAZAL glasses and these vintage frames are timeless. CAZAL flaunts strong characteristics and provides a fashionable retro style, bringing back the 80’s through just one accessory.

If you’re looking to find the perfect frames for your lenses look no further. Depending on your style, you may want to keep it low-key. The most trendy and luxuriously modern look today is the CAZAL 4240 . Our wide range of CAZAL eyeglasses are guaranteed authentic, and we offer a safe and efficient means of purchase!
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