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Boss Orange Glasses

Boss Orange was launched by Hugo Boss in 1999, featuring classic cuts and modern detailing. The Boss Orange eyeglasses are crafted to perfection from high-quality materials for comfort, durability, and style. Choose from our colorful and fabulous Boss Orange frames and be fashionable everyday.

Boss Orange is simply mesmerizing. There's no other way to say it, really. With designs that actually seem to speak for themselves, it's no wonder Boss Orange is known far and wide as a titan in its field. It's a rare design house which can make acetate look like flowing silk, and dark black look like a magical vortex. But Boss Orange is just that design house.

Boss Orange frames

The 0069 in plum violet is an Italian-made indulgence. The frames themselves are solid acetate, and yet somehow seem so much like a smooth silk. They seem to move and stay still at the same time. Ordinarily we'd say that's a physical impossibility, but this is Boss Orange we're dealing with...

In blue yellow it's a berry and banana smoothie – innocent, sweet and approachable. It's an office assistant who knows to dress for the job she wants, not the job she has. It's a chartered accountant, who's secretly quite pleased it's Friday. It's a charge nurse who just wants to feel good about how she looks in a dreary hospital. It's a woman doing exactly what a woman wants to do in any given moment. Boss Orange is empowerment for all.

Boss orange eyewear

For the gentlemen out there, Boss Orange has a treat for you. Likewise, whether your role is office assistant, charge nurse, accountant, or male model, the 0123 is a dark and rich treat. In black wood it's like a polished magic wand, set to transform the very fibre of reality as soon as you say the magic words. With a swish and a fancy little flick, Boss Orange can help you be the master of your own universe.

In havana brown wood, it's living in luxury, while honouring your roots. It's life in a penthouse, but having worked hard to get there. It scores five stars in both personality and presentability. What else could you expect, though?

Back to a little something for the ladies. Welcome to the 0066. In brick colour, it's dusty and serious and foxy and as sturdy as the name implies. If you've ever had to be somebody's rock, or somebody has been yours, you'll know what it means to be solid.

In pink or green, there's a shimmering mischief to your nature. You can work hard, but you can also have a whole boat load of fun.

Glasses for men is such an important choice. It's important never to compromise, because to do so is to walk around with defeat drawn over your face every waking hour. Browse. Browse, and don't rest until you're happy.