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Adidas Glasses

Adidas, the ultimate sportswear brand, isn’t only known for its sports gear but also for its premium quality sport and casual wear glasses. Adidas sunglasses aren’t just from any brand; they are known globally, with their headquarters in Germany. The annual turnover for Adidas is estimated at € 21.2 billion. They have more than 61,000 people working for them around the world. 


Does Adidas only sell sports glasses?


No, Adidas Eyeglasses aren’t only for sportswear. Yes, they have sports and athlete eyewear, but that’s not all; they also have prescription glasses and casual wear frames. Adidas eyewear is known for its premium design and quality. You can wear their premium frames at parties, professional dinners, and weddings. Apart from that, Adidas glasses are fitted with Double-Snap Nose BridgeTM nose pads, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. 


How do I choose an Adidas glasses frame for my face?


Adidas glasses frames are meant to fit all types of faces. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to get the perfect frame for your face. The first tip is to measure your face; this will help you get the right-sized frame. The second tip is to know your face shape. The better you know your face shape, the easier it will be for you to select the perfect frame for your face. Lastly, try your frames, casual or prescription, using try-on technology online to get the perfect fit. 


What should you consider when choosing lenses for glasses?


Adidas glasses and frames are made with extreme care and design, which is why you should always choose the frame and the lenses carefully. For lens material options, you can choose Glass, plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and High-Index Plastic. Between all these choices, your best bet for sunglasses is Polycarbonate lenses that come with inbuilt UV protection.