Your Eyewear Guide for Festival Season

By Elise Snedden

friends at a music festival

Now that the weather is getting warmer, outdoor concerts are coming back. That’s right, it’s officially festival season! That means long days out in the sun listening to your favourite artists and wearing fun themed outfits.

Your choice in eyewear is an essential part of your festival look. Not only can your glasses elevate your style, but they also protect your eyes from the dusty festival grounds and glaring sun during those long days spent at music festivals.

The options are endless, so which frames should you go for? Of course this all depends on your look! A good way to start is by taking inspiration from some popular festival styles seen around the world.

Popular festival looks

Whether you’ll be glamping in the desert or headbanging in the trees, no matter where you go, you’ll see a wide variety of looks inspired by different decades, music genres and festival themes. 

Finding the perfect eyewear to match your outfit can be quite a challenge, but have no fear, your eclectic eyewear stylist is here!

Festival sunglasses for the boho chic

woman wearing a black hat and sunglasses

The bohemian (aka boho) look is such a festival staple. When we think boho, we automatically think of Coachella circa 2015. Loose and flowy clothing, flower crowns, crochet shawls, muted florals and wide brimmed hats with feathers. 

The modern boho look is the perfect style that merges fashion and comfort for those long festival days. For added comfort and eye protection, any oversized sunglasses would be the perfect accessory for this look.

Festival sunglasses for the 70s retro look

woman wearing oversized round sunglassed

When it comes to the 70s retro look, think of Woodstock and hippies. The stereotypical hippie wore bright contrasting colours, groovy patterns, peace signs and blue bell bottom jeans. 

The 70s retro style is anything but minimal so make a statement with colourful frames and lenses, or keep it simple with a pair of round frames!

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Festival glasses for a futuristic look

woman wearing futuristic looking wraparound reflective sunglasses

The futuristic style is out of this world! When going futuristic for your next festival, think sci-fi cyberpunk. This look is accentuated by shiny pleather, flashy accessories and anything reflective or holographic.

That being said, the best glasses to enhance this style would be geometric or wraparound frames, or anything with mirrored lenses, especially in gold or silver.

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Festival glasses for the 90s raver

woman wearing a 90s inspired windbreaker and rectangular sunglasses

The 90s raver look is neon colourblock central. The quintessential accessories for the 90s raver are vintage nylon windbreakers, parachute pants, fanny packs and bucket hats. 

To complement this colourful look, stand out with some neon coloured frames, or opt for a pair of narrow oval frames that were all the rage and rocked by all your favourite celebs back in the 90s.

Festival sunglasses for the country western

woman wearing a white cowgirl hat and rectangular sunglasses

The stereotypical western festival attire is inspired by cowboys, farmers and country music. Just like the evolution of country music, the country western attire has become trendy and fashion forward. 

Nevertheless, this festival look is still characterised by the classic cowboy boots and hats, bandanas, cow print and all things denim – think Stagecoach or Country Thunder!

To complete this look, you can go a few directions: sporty, trendy or simple. The perfect sunglasses for a sporty look would be a pair of active lifestyle frames with reflective lenses, but if you want a trendier look, go for a pilot frame with yellow lenses or simple rectangular metal frames.

Your festival eyewear care guide

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration and decided on your eyewear, now you have to make sure to take proper care of them and keep them in tip top shape. 

I’m sure we all have friends that have lost or broken their sunglasses at a festival, so taking the right precautions will give your favourite pair of sunglasses the best chance at surviving festival season.

  • Invest in a hard case for your glasses – don’t be tempted to just throw them into your bag or back pocket as they could get crushed, fall out, or get scratched.
  • Make sure your sunglasses case fits into your festival bag – it’s important to remember that many festival grounds and concert venues have bag size limitations.
  • Use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your lenses and keep it in your glasses case. Festival grounds are notorious for being dusty, it’s just a part of the festival experience! So make sure to avoid cleaning your sunglasses with dusty or scratchy fabrics.
  • Don’t let strangers try them on – there’s a good chance they’ll get lost in the crowd and won’t return home with you!

Now that you’re inspired, find your next pair of sunglasses and you’ll be all set for any event with the perfect accessory!

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