Clear Frame Glasses


Clear Glasses have been around for a long time but they are hot and trending this season. This eyewear style is dominating because of the clear, clean look they have. Most people stick to traditional glasses with dark colours like black, Havana, brown, grey and many others. But this right here? This is how you stand out. This is how you say I don’t just wear sunglasses or eyeglasses, I rock them.

This is how you stand out in a room full of the regular Joe’s and Jane’s. 

Clear frame glasses are perfect because they do not hide your face and all the beautiful facial features you are gifted with. They just sit there and compliment you and your style. You can get clear glasses with both sunglasses and eyeglasses frames, and the lenses come in many different colours.

One of the best things about clear frame glasses, we feel, is that because they don’t dominate your face they’re great for indoor and event wear. You can either upscale your look with a touch of aquiline elegance or add that tweak of bookish cool (we swear the right pair actually adds IQ points). There’s no limit to how, why, or where you wear them; just embrace them and make them your own! Because they lack the traditional dark colour outline, they are actually incredibly versatile when it comes to matching with different colours and outfits.

So many celebrities, both men and women, have rocked this look and it looks chic on them. We’re thinking Samuel L Jackson, Johnny Depp, and Reese Witherspoon to name but a few.



If you’re feeling inspired take a look at our favourite clear glasses below.


Arise Collective (Shop now for $114)

These beauties are both stylish and affordable. With a squared shaped frame, anyone who looks good in wayfarers should grab a pair.

SPY (shop now for $149)

Another interpretation of the clear glasses with round frames; these SPY glasses don’t disappoint. The tell-tale Cross that has become synonymous with all their eyewear offers a solid anchor to these ethereal frames.

Ray Ban (Shop now for $170)

As is to be expected, Ray-Ban clear frame glasses hit the spot. Their round frames flatter square or oval-shaped faces. Trust us, have a go.

Tom Ford (shop now for $227)


Finally, Tom Ford offers an intriguing variation on a theme. Whilst still clear, these slightly coffee coloured frames provide a little more definition around the face, drawing attention to the eyes and providing contrast, especially to blue or green eyes.


Take a look at Vision Direct for more Clear Glasses.

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