Green is The New Black- Eco Shades Are Now Trending


Well if you ask us, Green is the new Gold! Not only are environmentally friendly products currently trending for their sustainability and promise to make the world a better place, they are also helping shoppers save on spending. With one in three consumers preferring to purchase an eco-friendly option, the competition is stiff amongst manufacturers scrambling to introduce the greenest product at the best price.

Frames made from materials like recycled cork, wood and bamboo are replacing polluting plastic pieces and we could not be happier. Here are some of the Aussie manufacturers we think definitely deserve a shout out for their efforts to save our planet without sacrificing our love for fashionable fun in the sun…

1. Grown

Grown sunglasses are crafted using durable bamboo and hardwoods. Every frame has a uniquely stunning grain pattern and for every pair you buy, Grown will save one orphaned or injured Australian animal through their giving partner, WIRES. We are personally, SOLD!

Our favourite pair from the collection:

Price: $219
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2. Sticks & Sparrow

A formidable frame in the game to provide light weight wearabilty and comfort with contemporary design. Each pair incorporates globally sourced, sustainable materials and plant based acetate fronts are paired with bamboo temples, treated with tints, stains and polishes to accentuate their raw appeal. These guys really understand natural beauty.

Our favourite pair from the collection:

Price: $99.95 or 4 payments of $24.99 with Afterpay
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3. Topheads Eyewear

Hailing from the shores of Sydney’s world famous Bondi Beach, these super-cool Aussie sunnies were first made in a garage and distributed among mates. Free from standard plastic materials, the frames are made from wood, bamboo, bioplastic and even recycled skateboard decks.
“Top head” is a phrase commonly used by Sydneysiders as a comradely form of banter and every pair from their debut range of shades is engraved with the abbreviation, Topsys – a nickname given to the founder of Topheads Eyewear.

Our favourite pair from the collection:

Price: $149.95
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4. Proof

“Crafted From The Ground Up,” Proof Australia is headquartered in Melbourne and are as dedicated to giving back as they are to giving us incredibly trendy frames. Founded by three brothers who grew up with a family-run sawmill, this brand has a better understanding of working with recycled wood and timber than any other. Partnering with HELP International, these stellar lads are always volunteering and donating to projects in India, El Salvador, Nepal, the Philippines and Uganda.

Our favourite pair from the collection:


Price: $189
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5. Oh My Woodness!

Oh My Woodness! is where the solemn, natural beauty of wood and bamboo meet the vibrant boldness of color, creating a collection that is both visually stunning and wins some serious karma points! Designed to invoke images of ruggedly tranquil mountainscapes, this collection is firmly a perennial favourite.

Our favourite pair from the collection:

Price: $99

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Let us know which your favourite pair is and help us recognize the efforts of more Green Samaritans.