Earth Day: Celebrate with Wooden Sunglasses


April 22nd marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

A huge event that is celebrated in over 193 countries, Earth Day aims to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection all over the world.

There are many ways to celebrate this special holiday, such as planting a tree, building a garden, organizing a community clean up, joining an environmental group, attending a local Earth Day fair or even making a recycling plan!

If you really want to go big this year, you can even add some eco-friendly eyewear to your Earth Day get-up.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have entered the fashion world, and maybe just at the right time. As communities grow increasingly concerned with the environmental effects of landfill run-off and burning materials such as plastic and metals, wood eyewear is a great, biodegradable alternative.

Woody’s Barcelona

All Woodys Barcelona eyewear are made with the highest quality materials. Their sunglasses are made from 100% natural wood resources and are available in bamboo, birch, zebrawood, pear tree or recycled skateboard material. All wooden products are coated with beeswax to protect the wood from external weather conditions. In addition, they are lightweight, comfortable and can even float in water. All Woodys Barcelona sunglasses are designed to fit prescription lenses, so be sure to have your favorite pair customized with your personal prescription!



Oh My Woodness!

Oh My Woodness! is where the solemn, natural beauty of wood and bamboo meet the vibrant boldness of color, creating a collection that is both visually stunning and wins some serious karma points! Designed to invoke images of ruggedly tranquil mountainscapes, this collection is firmly a perennial favourite.

Our favourite pairs from the collection:






Have lots of fun and make an impact this Earth Day!


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