Clip-On Sunglasses – Yay or Nay?


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It’s fair to say that a couple of years ago, clip-on sunglasses were neither cool nor stylish! They were often criticized because of the limited choices they provided insofar as lens color and frame shape, and were most probably owned by your parents in the 90s!

These fashion accessories, such as Ray-Ban clip-on sunglasses, actually made their debut in the 1940s in the U.S. They were seen as practical accessories that provided a solution to a problem as opposed to fashion items. However, they were popularised in the early 1950s by heartthrob James Dean and they suddenly found their cool. In doing so, they cleared the way for classic trends to make a resurgence once again.  

Before we go on, can we just take a minute to appreciate how effortlessly sexy James Dean really was…

James Dean

The Clip-On Renaissance

Since the 50s, it’s fair to say that clip-on sunglasses were largely ignored! Recently, clip-on sunglasses started popping up all over social media and in some much-loved shops. Was it just a flash in the pan, or a bonafide comeback? If it was the genuine article, it raised all sorts of questions. Are they a good deal? Are they going to suit me? Will they even fit over my glasses? Important stuff. It seems the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, and with everyone from major celebrities to the guy next door wearing them, clip-ons have re-earned their place back at the fashion table.


Take a look at some of our favourites below…

VisionDirect's clip-on sunglasses



The VisionDirect Collection offers the latest sunglasses designs at fantastic prices. Because we believe that stylish sunglasses are essential, we think they should be accessible to everyone.






VisionDirect Collection Coogee with Clip-On Sunglasses – $89


Clip on sunglasses polarizedClip on sunglasses magnetic






VisionDirect Collection Croydon with Clip-On Sunglasses – $89




Clip on sunglasses Tom Ford



Tom Ford has created Tom Ford Glasses and Tom Ford Sunglasses reflecting sublime innovative and provocative designs. Tom Ford sunglasses are worn by high profile celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Madonna.


Tom Ford Clip-on SunglassesTom Ford Clip on Sunglasses Polarized






Tom Ford FT5315 Clip-On Sunglasses – $120


Tom Ford Clip on Sunglasses AustraliaTom Ford clip on sunglasses magnetic






Tom Ford FT5297 Clip-On Sunglasses – $120






Persol Clip On Sunglasses


Persol Clip on Sunglasses polarized

Persol clip-on sunglasses australia






Persol PO3007C Clip-On Sunglasses – $111 and Persol PO7007C Clip-On Sunglasses – $124


Clip on sunglasses Ray Ban






For half a century, Ray-Ban® has been creating some of the trendiest eyewear designs, like the iconic Ray-Ban® aviators and wayfarer sunglasses. And their line of Ray Ban® eyeglasses is just as iconic and fashionable. With VisionDirect, there’s no need to search frantically for a Ray-Ban® sale, as we offer the best price guarantee. So show off your unique style with your own pair


Ray Ban clip on sunglasses AustraliaRay Ban clip on sunglasses polarized






Ray-Ban RX7131C Clip-On Sunglasses- $82 and Ray-Ban RX2447C Clip-On Sunglasses – $108




Frames with clip-on sunglasses

New Balance clip on sunglasses AustraliaNew Balance Clip On Sunglasses Polarized






New Balance NB4041 – $182 and Tom Ford FT5532 – B – $434

Spy Clip On Sunglasses MagneticClip On Sunglasses Magnetic SPY OPTIC





Spy Alcatraz – $150 and Flexon FLX901 – $102


Polarized Clip-on SunglassesClip-on Sunglasses Polarized





Polar PL TYM2 – $84 and Ermenegildo Zegna EZ0001 – $184



So, Yes or No?

This is the question.

Why yes?

Clip-ons are undoubtedly functional and also a great deal if you want to save some cash. If you need prescription glasses, you don’t need to separate pairs of glasses – you can just have one! Clip-on sunglasses will not take up much space in your bag and they aren’t heavy! Frames are made with high-quality materials so they won’t break easily if dropped. 

And why no?

Clip-on sunglasses are smaller than prescription ones, so there’s a chance that UV light can come into contact with the eye more easily. So, while they are a good option for daytime in the city, or for relaxed outdoor activities, we suggest that you opt for prescription frames when at the seaside or anywhere you may be exposed to strong sunlight. You can check out our huge non clip-on sunglasses collection here. You may also want to take into consideration that, if you are a huge sunglasses fan (welcome!), then sticking to just the one pair might not be the best choice for you. Why limit yourself?!

Still not sure? Check out the reviews for clip-on sunglasses at our YouTube channel!

The world is your oyster at Vision Direct!


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