Colourful Glasses for a Colourful Life!

By Emma Moletto

People wearing colorful glasses

Life is too short for boring glasses!

In a world where black, brown and grey are the go-to choices for everything, it’s time to break free and add a splash of colour to your look. 

Glasses and sunglasses are the perfect accessories to do so.

Bright and bold

Bright colours are very trendy this spring –  green, light blue and shades of red in particular.

With a little research, you can really find the perfect model that reflects your personality.

For example, some eye-catching Gucci frames or iconic Prada looks.

Of course, pairing them with your outfit calls for balance. Let your frames be the main focus and keep the rest in neutral tones.

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Pastel shades

If your style is more understated elegance than loud and proud, pastel shades are your perfect match. 

Soft pinks, baby blues and mint greens offer a subtle yet stylish way to incorporate colour into your look.

These Pastel Pop SmartBuy Collection hues work beautifully with spring and summer wardrobes! 

Earth tones

Earth tones offer a sophisticated and versatile palette. Think of warm browns, olive greens and soft grays that remind you of the great outdoors.

Earth-toned glasses can seamlessly blend with almost any outfit, enhancing your natural features without overpowering them.

model wearing brown glasses frame

Festival frames

From psychedelic patterns to frames that feature every colour of the rainbow, festival glasses are all about self-expression and fun.

They’re the perfect accessory for music festivals, beach parties or any event where you want to stand out.

Remember, when it comes to festival frames, the more extravagant, the better.

Group of friends wearing colorful glasses

It's all about your palette!

Choosing the right colour for your glasses or sunglasses is about your personal palette – your skin tone, hair colour and the shades you feel most confident in.

An extra tip: before selecting a pair of colourful glasses, think about your existing wardrobe. Opt for colours that complement or offer an exciting contrast to the clothes you love wearing. 

For instance, a pair of red frames will add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit, while green glasses can complete a look made up of earthy tones.

Of course, you should also consider your face shape, lens options and frame size for the best fit, but shopping by colour is a great way to start your search for your next pair of frames.

After all, as mentioned before, life’s too short for boring glasses.

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