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Wooden sunglasses. They’ve certainly got a lot going for them. Quirky, stylish, a one-of-a-kind pair for everybody, wooden frames are the perfect way to showcase your individuality and unique sense of style.

At least they would be, if they weren’t such a hassle. Wooden eyewear can be heavy, easily damaged, and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Beyond this, the costs involved for sustainably sourcing the materials and manufacturing frames by hand have meant that up until now most collections of wooden sunglasses have been pretty expensive too.

Out of the price range of your average eyewear fashionista, and seen by industry types as a quirky fad, wooden sunglasses, despite currently enjoying a lot of hype, have been unable to truly break into the mainstream. Here at VisionDirect, we certainly see the potential of wooden frames, but hadn’t come across a brand that has truly made them worth the inevitable stress. Until now, that is…

Woodys Barcelona

Founded in 2014, Woodys Barcelona are specialists in wooden sunglasses, and despite being such a young company, they already look to be changing the game permanently by solving many of the major problems associated with wooden sunglasses. Too heavy to wear? Woodys Barcelona frames are so light that they float on water. Too uncomfortable? Many Woodys Barcelona frames feature acetate nose strips and temples, and the wood is lacquered in natural beeswax for a smooth and stylish finish. Too expensive? Some of the most popular Woodys Barcelona products, including the Doust and Hiroto models cost as little as A$152.

Woodys Barcelona 1

Capitalizing on the individuality of wood as a material versus more traditional acetate and metal based frames (no two grains are ever exactly the same, after all), Woodys Barcelona have created over 100 different models, made with different textures and materials, including bamboo, birch, pear, zebrawood, and even recycled skateboard. Sustainably sourced, Woodys Barcelona products are also durable and allow for lenses to be fitted seamlessly without any visible lines on the frame face; yet another improvement on previous wooden frame collections.

The result are products that are youthful, energetic, quirky and fun – the perfect pair of shades to turn heads this festival season. Other top selling models include the Dora sunglasses and Harlem eyeglasses models. So if you want a look that is truly unique to you, then head over to VisionDirect and check out our collection of Woodys Barcelona eyewear, and embrace your individual style this Summer.

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