Viral In 2017: Gucci Eyewear Campaign


Driving in a cab late at night through the streets of LA with your sunglasses on. Sounds cool huh? Well maybe because it sounds kind of weird to have your sunglasses on in the middle of the night when it’s pitch dark. ‘Sunglasses at Night’ by Corey Hart was the theme song of the Gucci Eyewear Campaign 2017 – in which they took it very literal.

Gucci Eyewear Goes Back To The 80’s

The short opens with details of a black, old, classic car driving through the city at night (it looks like Los Angeles). A few seconds in you see Dutch model Ellen de Weer sitting in the back of the car in oversized sunglasses looking left to right at the people on the street. During the entire short, the camera shifts in and out of focus – as one would feel during a crazy night out. Check it out down below

When watching the full short – it seems kind of serious, but at the same time very extra. It’s the luxury car and the bold and eye-catching sunglasses that make it very unrealistic for most of us (cause I believe we don’t all hit up the club in old-timers and wearing Gucci sunglasses even though its pitch dark) – who does that really? Anyways, here we see these two models in the cab look very chic and put together in their outfits and the sunglasses – just being way too cool. Congrats Alessandro Michele, you did it once again – you have the eye for the aesthetics.

The Gucci Eyewear Collection

Now that we’ve examined the short – let’s move on to what’s really important: the eyewear. SmartBuyGlasses got you covered on this aspect – we’ve created a list below with styles that appeared in the short…


Looking for some good old square framed/oversized sunnies? The Gucci-GG0083S-002 is perfect for you. This pair of shades has it all: the light brown and pink & gold glitter stripes are everything you can wish for in a pair of sunglasses. The square and oversized frames will bring the 80’s vibes back. This is definitely one of the trends of 2017. 


As for a more subtle but still oversized pair of square frames; check out the Gucci-GG0036S-004. In two colorways; Havana/Blue/Red frames or Glitter Green. Your pick!


Round frames have also been making a comeback and they are everywhere. Well, the Gucci-GG0084S-001 here has nice pair of thick, round frames for you to fantasize about incorporated with Black and Red & Green glitter stripes. Sturdy and fashionable – yes please! Also available in Pink & Havana colorway.


For all the men that are looking for a good pair of fashionable glasses –Gucci-GG0019O-002 are the ones you need. The Havana Wayfarer frame with a classic small detailed Gucci logo on the side matches all face shapes. Due to the overall classic look, these glasses can be styled up or down.



Oversized glasses are all the talk. Get a pair of these <a href=”https:%2

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