Sunglasses in The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers Sunglasses

An oldie but goody as we throw it back to look at the sunglasses worn in iconic film ‘The Blues Brothers’. Now, I may be a little young to remember the film being released but ever since an early age I’ve known that it was iconic. The reason why? The sunglasses that they rock throughout the film. This tale of redemption for two convicts turned good guys is one of the greatest musical comedies of all time. Bringing together powerhouses of the Jazz and Blues scene, the film features the voice talents of Aretha Franklin, James brown, Ray Charles and many others, the film was hailed as a success. This is at odds with the action that happened off the screen. The film was one of the most expensive comedy movies ever made and there wasn’t even a budget laid out for shooting.

Blues Brothers Sunglasses

But as with all underdog stories, the film has a happy ending both on and off the screen with total gross cinema takings of over $100 million. The film has since gone on to become a cult classic, partly because of the amazing talent featured in the film but also thanks to some seriously iconic wardrobe choices. The two main character wore a sharp black suit and paired it with, what else, Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. It’s no surprise that these sunglasses were featured, given Ray-Ban’s want to be seen as a huge pop-culture label. The film, along with the likes of Reservoir Dogs, really helped to cement Ray-Ban as one of the most iconic sunglasses brands of the 80’s/ This success also really helped propel the brand to success in the future.

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Blues Brothers Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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