Quay Sunglasses Virtual Try-On: The Ultimate Buying Guide

quay, black, sunglasses

quay, black, sunglasses

Quay was born on the Australian festival circuit, making stylish shades for partygoers down under. Now one of the world’s biggest and best sunglasses brands, Quay continues to make cool, affordable sunnies that stand out from the crowd. Known for everything from affordable sunglasses to high-fashion, the Quay sunglasses range truly has something for everyone. In this buying guide, we’ll take you through their most popular frames based on what our customers are virtually trying on!

This buying guide is packed with some of the best Quay Australia sunglasses out there, including black sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, aviators, Quay high key sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses and more. If you’re looking for where to buy Quay sunglasses, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Let this guide steer you in the right direction if you’re looking for Quay sunnies on sale.

Virtual Try-On

Curious to see how these sunnies will look on you? You can try these Quay shades on at home, with our great Virtual Try-On tool. It’s by far the best way to try on some of our most popular frames without even having to go out!


Quay Women’s Sunglasses

Quay Australia QC-000142 High Key BLK/FADE

quay, aviator, sunglasses

These Quay aviator sunglassesblend subtle fashion with summer style, with gradient grey lenses, stylish thin metal rims and signature branding. These shades are a must-have this winter. Also available in other colors like blue and gold, you can choose whichever style suits you!

Quay Australia QU-000180 AFTER HOURS BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglasses

These stylish full-rim sunnies are a great, low-priced option to complement your winter wardrobe. These Quay black sunglasses mix cat-eye and rectangular styles to great effect with thick black frames and cool grey lenses. Also available in tortoiseshell frames, you can try these sunglasses on at home using our great Virtual Try-On tool!

Quay Australia QM-000005 BARNUN BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglasses

These square sunglasses are a super sleek and sporty fashion option for any fashion-conscious partier this winter. These cool rectangular wayfarer shades are well-suited for any outfit – you can’t go wrong with grey lenses and classic black frames.

Quay Australia QU-000152 NEEDING FAME BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglasses

If you’re looking to pull off some retro style this winter, look no further than these Quay women’s aviator sunglasses. These stylish rose gold pilot frames are a great way to channel classic aviator style with a modern twist. These Tony Stark style sunglasses have cool slim metal frames and grey lenses. They also come in an equally fashionable brown-lensed model!

Quay Australia QW-000609 COME THRU BLK/FADE

quay, black, sunglasses

These uber-modern women’s sunglasses are surely a style essential this winter. This daring single lens design is a chic modern spin on a classic frame style. This cool pair of shades comes in a stylish gradient grey. These sunnies seamlessly hit the spot with their funky design. Quay is the go-to festival brand, but in the absence of festivals this year, you can bring that style home with you. If you want to try before you buy, head on over to the product page and click the Virtual Try-On button!


Quay Men’s Sunglasses

Quay Australia QM-000486 EVASIVE BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglassesWhether it’s by the beach, the pool or in the city, these men’s sunglasses are definitely suited to any occasion. With classy black and gold full-rim square frames and grey lenses, these shades are guaranteed to boost your winter look. These particular sunnies are also available in tortoiseshell, with a variety of lenses including brown and blue light blocking.

Quay Australia QM-000548 NEMESIS Polarised BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglassesThese nemesis black sunglasses are another model from Quay that blends the timeless with the futuristic. For a great price, you can get your hands on this cool pair of shades with black frames and grey polarised lenses – perfect for bright days out by the water! If you’re still not sure about these, try them on at home using our Virtual Try-On tool. Just click through to the product page, select Virtual Try-On, and model this great pair of sunglasses in the comfort of your own home!

Quay Australia QM-000435 OMEN BLK/SMK

quay, black, sunglassesThe final entry in this Quay buying guide, these minimalist black sunglasses are sure to be the icing on the cake for any outfit. These pair with pretty much anything! These sunglasses have thin metal black frames and grey lenses – and they’re also available in tortoiseshell!

If you like the look of any of the sunglasses in this ultimate buying guide, visit our full range of Quay women’s and men’s sunglasses here, or check out our summer 2020 fashion trends guide. If you’re interested in the Virtual Try-On tech we’ve mentioned here, find out more information on the tool here.

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