Get High with the Unconventional Bob Sdrunk

bob sdrunk

VisionDirect is proud to announce the launch of a new 100% made in Italy brand. Bob Sdrunk is a lifestyle eyewear brand based in Italy and born in 2009 from a simple idea: it is indeed a mix of different cultures and an unconditional love for fashion and design. The result is an eyewear collection based on the concept of vagueness as well as vintage influences. In fact, Bob Sdrunk can’t be taken for granted. It is something that you would never expect! There is an essential idea that drives all the brand actions: “avoiding the obvious and being out of the ordinary” ( Each collection, designed by Bob Sdrunk himself, has been crafted by experienced eyewear manufacturers in order to provide high quality pieces.

“Original, unconventional and uncommon eyewear” – Bob Sdrunk

Bob Sdrunk eyeglasses enhance the identity of each person wearing them. Every pair is unique and irreplaceable and you won’t find a similar one anywhere! The models are indeed always different and you can choose from a huge variety of colours, shapes and styles.

“Each one of them inspire a character and a way of being” – Bob Sdrunk

bob sdrunk
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Out of the ordinary? Have a look at out favourite picks

Riario is undoubtedly our most freakish pair, with a mix of gold frames and brown lenses and an unconventional oversized shape. Despite its shape, Riario is super comfortable as it is made from the best quality Metal frames. Flowers lover with a dark spirit? Then Flora/S 102/S is the perfect choice. Slightly baroque inspired, this pair is chic and stylish with grey gradient lenses that match perfectly with the black frames and its floral details which won’t let you go unnoticed! We are literally in love with Betty! A perfect mix of vintage ingredients combined with state-of-the-art elements. Oversized tortoise frame with shimmering details at the bottom to bring out the diva in you! You can also opt for Black Blue Crystal and Cream Black Crystal.

A new era for glasses

Who said you can be unconventional only with sunglasses? Bob Sdrunk glasses follow the same concept which has inspired all the sunglasses collections: high-quality materials, vintage and retro influences with peculiar details. Great for the daytime as well as office time in order to have that touch of style. A few examples? Alfred is our favourite collection and we stock four different colours. In particular, the details of the Green Horn model remind us of precious shining stones from ancient times, but the oval shape suddenly makes us think about modernity. Choose this pair in red and you will hypnotize everyone! Want to be a little more traditional? Bob got you covered! Just opt for Leo and Stark and you will be traditional but never boring 😉

We now stock many more collections for glasses and sunglasses on our website. P.S. even Lady Gaga and other international celebrities wear Bob Sdrunk!


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