Dior Sunglasses Virtual Try-On: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Dior is one of the premier fashion houses in the world. Founded in post-war Paris by Christian Dior, the label quickly rose to prominence in both high fashion and popular retail circles. While Dior is most well-known for their clothing and fragrances, their sunglasses are also highly coveted. In this buying guide, we’ll take you through their most popular frames based on what our customers are virtually trying on!

This Dior buying guide is full of best-selling Christian Dior sunglasses, including some of their iconic designs like Black Tie, Stellaireo and Dior homme. Curious to see how these sunnies will look on you? You can try these on at home with our great Virtual Try-On tool. It’s the ultimate try-before-you-buy and the 2020 update to ‘window-shopping’!


Dior Women’s Sunglasses


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These Dior cat-eye sunglasses can add a touch of flair to any wardrobe. With sleek black and tortoiseshell frames that really pop on the face, you’ll stand out in any setting. These women’s sunglasses are also available in some really cool colour combinations – think red lenses, tortoiseshell frames and black arms or white frames with brown lenses.


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You’ll be sure to stand out with these shades with narrow and wide lenses at the same time! These Dior aviator sunglasses bring a radical design to the pilot frame game. These crazy metal split frames mix up a traditional design with some wild (and shatter-proof) lenses. Available in gold, blue and pink, these women’s frames are ideal for sunset drives and kicking back on summer days.


dior, women, sunglasses

Coming in with some very different frames to the last two, these Dior reflected shades show off some of the best women’s sunglasses design Christian Dior has to offer. These vintage-looking metal frames add instant style to any look. Featuring black pilot frames and mirrored lenses, these women’s sunglasses are available in a huge range of colours to suit anyone’s taste. Don’t just take our word for it- they were one of the top Dior models our customers tried on (virtually) this year! Try them yourself with our Virtual Try-On tool here.


dior, rihanna, sunglasses

It wouldn’t be an ultimate Dior buying guide without a celebrity feature, right? Channel your inner Rihanna with these incredibly out-there wraparound Dior women’s sunglasses. Available in two colour schemes – white and black, both with mirrored lenses – these shades are sure to single you out from the crowd anywhere you go.


Dior Men’s Sunglasses


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These Dior homme sunglasses offer oversized style in punchy, angular black frames. With mirrored lenses, these Dior square shades are a fantastic fashion accessory for any stylish guy out there. If you think you like the look of these, but you’re not 100% sure, make up your mind using our amazing Virtual Try-On service!


dior, stellaireo, sunglasses

These Dior men’s Stellaireo frames are a great way to incorporate some timeless style into your look. With slim gold frames and a selection of fun scratch-proof lenses, these rectangular Dior aviator sunglasses are a simple yet effective sartorial statement. You simply can’t go wrong with shades as classic as these.


dior, mens, sunglasses

With similar frames to the women’s Dior reflected sunglasses, these fraction shades are a modern menswear must. These black sunglasses blend modern and classic styles in a unique carbon fiber frame that almost verges on techwear. If that’s not your thing, they also come in tortoiseshell for that extra bit of vintage Dior flair.


dior, mens, sunglasses

If you’re looking for minimalist sunglasses, look no further than these effortlessly stylish round Dior men’s frames. Despite being incredibly thin, these frames are strong, sleek and very, very cool. With pilot lenses that almost seem to flow into the corners of the super-slim black metal frames (which also come in gold and silver), it’s safe to say that Dior is really knocking the men’s sunglasses game out of the park.

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