The Hottest Trends In Eyewear, According To The World’s Largest Eyewear Fair.


The Hottest Eyewear trends for 2019

Last month, Milan hosted the 2019 MIDO Milan Eyewear trade show, bringing the best the eyewear industry has to offer all under one roof. Over 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world set up stalls to show off the new trends and innovations in eyewear.

The VisionDirect team had the chance to explore and meet some of the most unique designers to discuss what trends we can expect to see this year, here’s what we found out…


Understated Clear Frames:


Clear frame glasses are one of the most sought after trends we’ve seen this year. Capturing the essence of minimalism and seen on countless fashion designers, clear plastic has never looked so extravagant – especially when combined with bold monochrome colors.


Tints Tints Tints:


Transparency was an ongoing theme this year, mixed with fun vibrant colors like oranges, blues and yellows for impactful designs, for a summer ready look as seen by OMW. Yellow tints were especially popular, already trending in the fashion world as the defining color of Generation-Z.



Where Tech Meets Fashion:


Innovative designs married tech with eyewear at this convention that pushed the functionality of eyewear to new levels. ROAV impressed us with their slim foldable sunglasses, taking up as much space as a card-holder. Smart Chromic revealed their new line of chargeable sunglasses, that adjust their tint at a push of a button (which will hit the shelves later in October). Advancements in 3D-printing had also inspired many eyewear designers to create experimental designs with simpler means of production.  



A New Take On Tortoiseshell

Another trend spotted were the re-imagined tortoiseshell design, featuring unique patterns for an updated take on a popular classic. Light blue or teal combinations really stood out, or if you’re looking for something bolder, yellow and black prints proved to be popular with the MIDO crowd. Color and pattern combinations seemed endless thanks to quality acetate frames.



Marble Prints

A variation on the classic tortoiseshell, marbled eyeglasses frames really demonstrated the uniqueness of  multicolored acetate, for bold color combinations with a sleek finish. Every slate of acetate allowed for distinctive patterns, light and dark combinations created striking designs, while half-marble half-nude combinations were more sophisticated and elegant. Some of our favorite marbled frames were showcased by Etnia Barcelona, who’s vibrant patterns and glossy acetate frames really stood out from the crowd.



The Redesigned Clip-On

We’ve seen them before, sunglasses lenses that clip over your eyeglasses, an often forgotten accessory thanks to transition lenses. The Clip-on lenses did make a comeback at MIDO this year as many brands reimagined the clip-on lenses using magnets that snap the lenses right into place, for a modern and fun solution that felt high-tech, functional and secure.



The Future Of Sports Eyewear

Sports eyewear push the limits of lens technology and functional design. At MIDO we had the chance to speak with Julbo, who gave us an insight into their frames specially designed for cyclists, featuring a thin feather-light frame and their advanced transition lenses, which adjust their tint in a matter of seconds. Their Julbo AERO frames proved to be the ultimate piece of sports apparel for serious cyclists.

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